Aug 242017

Update – Kirk o’ Muir and John de Graham Castle archaeology project

Try your hand at Palaeo-environmental coring-John de Graham’s Castle

October 12th 10am-2.00 p.m. approx.

Message from Murray Cook., Stirling Council Archaeologist 

We are hoping to explore a steep-sided ditch feature that is either a medieval fish pond (less likely) or some form of defensive ditch (more likely). At the same time we intend to look to see if we can identify any dam elements with a bit of fieldwalking. There is also of course the chance to see one of Scotland’s best-preserved timber castles… really is fabby!

Our host for the morning will be Richard Tipping, late of Stirling Uni, who is an expert in all things coreable and polleny!

Can you confirm that you wish to come?

Please bring, warm dry clothes, wellie boots, waterproofs etc, a packed lunch and a sense of adventure!

Please let me know if you have any queries or if something is unclear!

This will be the last opportunity to take part in the Heritage Lottery Project


For more information on the project contact Murray Cook



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