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Here are some photographs from the official opening of the woodland on 15 November 2018. More information to follow.


Community Hub – Update March 2018

Here is the latest report – our application to purchase land has been approved.  Further details here: Carron Valley ATR Decision Notice 28Feb18

Community Hub – Update April 2017

The Valley Renewables Group is applying to the Scottish Land Fund to raise the funds to purchase land at Carron Valley from the Forestry Commission. If successful, we hope to create a multipurpose Base to benefit the whole community. Following consultation with the community we have now completed a feasibility study which you can access following the links below.

Community Woodland Feasibility Study

Here is a link to the Executive Summary Community Woodland Feasibility study: Carron Valley Community Woodland Feasibility Executive Summary March 17

Here is a link to the full report: V9 Carron Valley Woodland Feasibility FINAL 29-3-17

Here are the appendices to the report: Appendices Carron Valley Woodland Feasibility FINAL

Summary of the Project
The land to be purchased is 21 hectares of mature and restocked woodland at the entrance to the Carron Valley Forest, just off the B818 Denny – Fintry Road and adjacent to the existing main visitor car park. The land could be managed by the community to create new paths, wetlands and outdoor activities, improving the access and natural environment.

The proposed building would be owned by the community and be an energy efficient new-build close to the existing carpark and suitable for use by local people and visitors. It could be a catalyst for more activity in the local area, providing meeting space, a café, local and visitor information and room for events and workshops.

We would welcome your views.

Here is a link to a summary of the initial survey: Carron Valley Summary of Findings and Recommendations FINAL

And the draft final report:Carron Valley Community Base Feasibility Study FINAL UPDATED 02-02-17

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