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Good news!!

If you are a student or young person living within the Carron Valley & District Community Council Area, you may be eligible to apply for a grant from VRG.

Our Children & Young People’s Grant Scheme is open to anybody between the ages of 7 and 25, and pays up to £250 per year to help with education, skills development or meeting the challenges of rural living.

Our Student Bursary Scheme pays £500 per year (up to a maximum of 5 years), and is open to students who are in full-time further education or on a recognised apprenticeship programme.

One very important condition is that to apply for either scheme, you must be permanently resident in the Carron Valley & District Community Council Area.

Full details can be found in the following scheme guidance notes (please read these in full before applying!)

and applications can be made by email or by post using the forms below:

Children & Young People’s Grant Scheme:




Student Bursary Scheme:


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