Community Woodland update April 2019

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Apr 162019

Spring is in the air and our contractors have been busy in the Community Woodland.

The “mulching” of the large area in the middle of the site, previously planted with immature Sitka is now nearly complete. This area will soon be planted with native broadleaf species:

If you’re out for a walk around the woodland, please do be aware that the mulcher is quite a fearsome beast and can throw rocks and pieces of tree over 100m on occasion, so if you’re in the area, please stay well away and behind the barrier tape!

The area for the wildlife ponds has also been marked out, and we’ll be starting to dig them out once the mulching has finished.

Don’t forget, the official opening of the woodland is on Saturday 11th May, from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. As well as the official opening, we’ll be giving tours of the woodland, to show how diverse it is, and to get your ideas about how we should develop it. Teas and coffees will be available, as well as the now traditional VRG barbeque. There will also be the opportunity to make a contribution to the future of the project – by planting your own tree!

After the official opening, we will be holding volunteer days throughout the summer, on 8th June, 13th July, 10th August and 14th September. On these days, we’ll be carrying out work such as tree planting, footpath clearing and light tree pruning. We’ll start on site at 10:30 am and finish by 1:00 pm, with the exact work being carried out varying according to the weather on the day. Don’t miss this chance to get involved and to get to know your neighbours!  

Don’t forget that the community woodland also has a Facebook group, so if you’re on Facebook, do join so that you can keep up to date with everything that’s happening and also post your own photos showing what you’ve been doing in the woodland.

Finally, we have felled a small area of windblown trees as a trial to find out the best methods for clearing them and to gauge how long it will take. This means we now have 15-20 m3 of softwood available to share out amongst local (Carron Valley area) residents.  This has been cut into 2m lengths, most of which can be lifted by two or three people and transported in a van or trailer:

If you would like a share of this initial cut (there will be plenty more available later), please will you reply to this Email, and confirm:

  1. That you would like to take a share of the wood
  2. Your name and address (so we can check eligibility)
  3. Your phone number (so we can get in touch with collection times)
  4. Whether or not you have access to a van or trailer that you can use to collect the wood from site
  5. …. And if you do, if you would be willing to help some of your neighbours with their wood

We’re also looking for a volunteer to coordinate the collection. This would involve contacting people who respond to arrange suitable collection times, and to help match people who are willing to assist with transport with those who need that help. If this is something you’d be willing to help with, please let us know!

Many thanks,

David Sparkes,

For Valley Renewables Group
Mob: 07980 301 503.

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Amendments to Articles passed at EGM

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Apr 162019

At the recent EGM the proposed amendments to our Articles of Association were approved. This will enable VRG to apply for different sources of funding for future projects. The amended articles are currently with the relevant legal bodies and will be available on this site once finalised.

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