Jun 252019


From July 1st 2019 VRG are introducing two new grant schemes and making changes to the existing Small Grant Scheme. 

The new schemes are for small and large community schemes which meet one or more of our Objectives and address challenges and opportunities for our Community. The Small Community scheme is for projects costing up to £5000 and the Large Community scheme as the name indicates is for more major projects. 

Applications can be considered from individuals, groups, and  organisations provided the benefits are for the Carron Valley and District Community as a whole. We are also replacing the existing small grant scheme with a Household Small Grant scheme with awards up to £500 and new rules on what is covered. 

The existing Children and Young People’s and Student Bursary schemes are unchanged.  

Please follow the links under VRG Grant Schemes on the home page to more information about the grants, guidelines, application forms etc.

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