Feb 062020

Dear Fruit Lovers,We are very happy to have obtained the services of Andrew Lear, Apple Tree Man, for a training day on Sunday 8th March which will be at Wester Craigend. 

Scottish fruit varieties.

Andrew will give us all some advice on fruit bush and tree selection and how to plant and care for the trees. He will bring some trees and fruit bushes with him, but as it is getting on in the year, if you have any specific varieties you are looking for, if you let me know as soon as possible we can pre-order them.

We expect to meet about 10-3pm and we will provide refreshments. 

If you need directions, we are at FK7 9PX and we are the house at the former ford over the Bannockburn (now a bridge) just below Murrayshall quarry.

Please contact: info@pomona.org.uk if you need further directions on the day. 

Please let us know if you have intend to come, for catering purposes. 
If you can’t come, but would like trees/bushes then let us know and we will put them aside for you.

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