Mar 252020

We are lucky to have been offered the services of Morag Shaw, a qualified coach, who lives in Polmont, and is willing to assist any residents who might be finding things tough at the moment, for whatever reason. Morag is a friend of David Sparkes, and when she found out that we were setting up a volunteer network for the area, volunteered her services as a coach. 

To give just one example, many people are currently working from home, which can be very difficult with the rest of the family around. Coaching can be a real help in situations like that – it helps you to develop a better understanding of what’s really going on and why, and hence what you can do differently to improve things.

Morag has kindly offered a number of initial coaching sessions for free. These are completely confidential, will last for 30 minutes, and are available via phone, or via Zoom or Skype videoconference. For more information, please see Morag’s introductory video, posted on the Carron Valley Connections Facebook group To book a slot please see links below.
Please pass this information on to anybody within your ‘patch’, who you think might be interested.

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