Apr 092020

Do you have a secret talent?

Do you have skills or equipment you would be willing to share with your community? We are putting together a ‘Resource Register’ for the Carron Valley and District.

Obviously at present the priority is that we all adhere to social distancing guidelines and remain at home wherever possible. But for the future we think such a register would be an asset to the community.

Perhaps you have a piece of equipment which you only use infrequently that you would be willing to loan to a neighbour? 

Or do you have a skill or knowledge that you would be happy to share? Do you have counselling or coaching skills that could ease anxiety or the worries of folk whether children, adults or the more elderly? Could you chat to someone on their own and maybe lonely?

The sharing economy

Are you a talented gardener who grows your own veg and could advise a novice starting out? `Can you ice cakes, paint or draw, read OS maps, or speak another language and would be happy to share this talent?

Or do you run a small business – making, for example, jewellery, toys or bespoke cakes – and would like to connect with local customers?

The register would just have an individual’s name and what was on offer. Phone numbers and emails would not be published online but held by VRG’s secretary and only supplied if a resident wished to enquire further.

Let us know what you think.

Keep safe, stay well and keep in touch!

Carron Valley & District Community Council and VRG Directors

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