Oct 192020

Libi Newell now here to help you with projects!


VRG have contracted Libi to help manage grant supported projects already running and the many more to come. Welcome Libi!


Libi started on 1 October and is initially contracted for up to a year on a part-time basis. She’s already made a tour of the community area and is raring to get involved. Libi will be helping on all aspect of project support from household grants to larger community initiatives.

So if you are thinking of making an application, not quite sure what’s expected or needed, or need help filling the application form get in touch with Libi. And if you have an idea for a project that could help the broader community but don’t know how to progress your idea, again get in touch.


Libi can be reached on projectofficer@valleyrenewables.co.uk

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