Community Consultation

Your input is requested into a Community Consultation on a proposed Community Meeting Room at the Community Woodland Site.

A Community Consultation is now underway to establish if residents of the Carron Valley & District Community Council Area wish to proceed with a Community Meeting Room at the Woodland Site, or not.

A Mailing has been posted to all households on VRG’s Mailing list with information on the consultation, the proposed project and Consultation Response Forms for residents over the age of 16 to have their say in the consultation process.

Project Summary and a Draft Business Plan, as well as a Question and Answer Sheet and further information, can be found here on the Community Meeting Room Consultation Project Page

Residents are also invited to attend a drop-in session at the Community Woodlands on Saturday 18th September 10am – 4pm to find out more about the proposed project, talk to VRG’s Project Development Officer and Community Meeting Room Subgroup members as well as see the proposed site for the Community Meeting Room.

All residents of the area aged 16 or over are encouraged to take part in this consultation and have their say on the proposed project. If you currently live within the Carron Valley and District Community Council Region but do not receive your Consultation Response Forms by Tuesday 14th September, or require more forms for the number of individuals over the age of 16 within your household, please get in touch to request access to the online response or another printed response form.  Each Consultation Response has its own Unique Serial Number to ensure the authenticity of responses, therefore, photocopies of forms or responses without a Unique Serial Number will not be eligible and will not be included in the consultation results. Unique Serial Numbers are randomly allocated, and no record is kept of where they have been sent – all responses are anonymous.

If you have any questions or would like further information after reading through the information provided on the Consultation Webpage and within the Consultation Mailing, please contact Libi Newell, VRG’s Project Development Officer who is managing this consultation via

All residents are encouraged to return a response to this consultation and have your say on whether you wish the Community Meeting Room Project to proceed to the next stage, or not. 

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