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Interested in Buying Heating Oil ?
Please Complete the Form BelowMany fields are mandatory, so that we can gather orders for heating oil. By completing this form you understand that VRG will collate orders, research the market to find the best price and then place a number of residents’ orders with one supplier at one time.VRG will advise you of the price per litre with, and without any discount obtained, and the name of the chosen Supplier.By completing this form you also agree that your details will be passed to this Supplier, they will contact you direct to make appropriate arrangements to receive payment, ensure your delivery details are correct and advise of a delivery date.

VRG will not pay for the heating oil on your behalf.


…or Do You Pay Monthly for Heating Oil?

This current scheme is not suitable for those residents who have arrangements to pay monthly by direct debit with their chosen Supplier. Please do contact us if you are in this situation but wish to benefit from bulk purchasing so that we may gauge interest.

Tell us who supplies you, how much you use per annum (£s or litres) and if you are tied into any contract – how long is it and when does it expire?

We may be able to negotiate a good deal if we offer one Supplier a group of residents like yourself, who prefer to pay monthly and automatically get top-ups during the year.

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    VRG Bulk Buying - Heating Oil

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    I agree that the Supplier VRG select will be given my contact details,
    I agree I will make arrangements with the Supplier direct to pay for the heating
    oil requested and to co-ordinate the delivery details.
    I understand the VRG will not pay for any of the fuel I request via this scheme.

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