Other Sources of Grants


This page has links to other sources of grant funding which you may wish to explore. It also has a selection of suppliers of various nifty technologies to improve your energy efficiency. VRG are simply providing these for information only – there are other suppliers out there doing similar things so please do your own research to fully explore all your options.

Links do go out of date so please advise us if something is broken:

Energy Saving Trust – £600 for a single project – for households – an energy assessor will need to approve of your plans and then, once done, check the desired effect has been achieved.


Boiler Scrappage Scheme – it comes and goes depending on if there are funds in the pot. Scotland has its own pot of funds and administrators.
Domestic Feed In Tarriff – get paid money every year by the governement for making your own electricity – solar photo-voltaic, micro-generation wind and hydro are eligible.
Domestic Renewable Heat Initiative – get paid money every year by the governement for heating your own water…. the theory being you should be rewarded for not using fossil fuels to do so. Solar thermal, bioass boilers and other technologies are eligible.
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