GRANTS – important update

Following our grant review VRG are committed to ensuring as much of our grant budget is distributed as possible. We are pleased to announce some updates to allow us to maximise funds and would encourage all residents to apply for grants they qualify for.

From feedback residents would like access to Get the Valley Growing grants during the winter to help prepare for the growing season. This grant will therefore reopen for a new round of funding. One grant per household- see website for terms and conditions.

Warm up/costs down was extremely popular last year and this year will be funded at £150 per household. Similar terms and conditions as last year.

A large percentage of funds will be distributed through the energy efficiency grant. This will continue at £1000 per household. At this time it is restricted to those households who haven’t benefitted yet but may open wider later if funds allow.

Bursary, young person, E-Bike and community grant schemes all continue as before.

Any queries please contact


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