Update July 2024

Some changes have been made to the grant schemes – please check individual grants for full details.

  • The Energy Efficiency Grant is now open to previous recipients. It is now for up to £2000 per household. New criteria now applies. Please check the grant page for details.
  • Successful grants can now be paid upfront if a quote is supplied. This includes the Get the Valley growing grant scheme.
  • The Warm up, costs down grant is now £200 and is open year long.
  • The Children and Young Person’s’ grant scheme is now £400 and can be used for an ongoing interest/hobby.


Funding cycles

Following discussion at the Board it has been decided that grants will now run with VRG’s financial year July – June. A resident may apply for one grant in each category in each financial year.

Please note that a grant scheme may be closed if the funds are spent early, applicants will then have to wait until July. It is first come, first served.

As well as the guidelines on the website please note the following:-

Grant applications should be made PRIOR to work being done or items purchased. Retrospective applications can only be approved in exceptional circumstances.


As ever if you have any queries contact our Admin Assistant on admin@valleyrenewables.co.uk


VRG is proud to administer a diverse range of grant programmes for the benefit of the Carron Valley & District Area community.

Using community benefit funds provided by local wind farm developments, VRG independently manages, assesses and administers grant programmes for: community projects, households, young people, student bursaries, and new ventures within the Carron Valley and District Area.

All funds distributed by VRG go to projects or works which support VRG’s objectives. To be eligible applicants must be resident in the Carron Valley & District Area or the project must be of benefit to residents in the area.

Details of our current funding streams and how you can apply are be found below.  If you have any questions regarding your eligibility or a project idea please contact us

Please note that EV charging points are not eligible for VRG grants. Information on Government Grants can be found here: Government-grants-for-low-emission-vehicles

VRG reserves the right to close or amend its grant schemes at any time.

Household energy efficiency grants

Grant funding of up to £2000 can be applied for to support projects which support energy efficiency.


VRG offers grants of up to £500 for the purchase of an E-Bike or the conversion of a bike to an E-Bike.

Warm Up, Costs Down Grant

This grant has now reopened and has been increased to £200



Student Bursary Scheme 

Annual grants of up to £500 for students resident in the Carron Valley & District Area in full time further education or on a registered apprenticeship programme.

New Venture Fund

This scheme is currently closed for review.

Get the Valley Growing Grant Scheme

Supporting residents to start growing their own fruit and vegetables, introducing young children to food growing, helping residents to expand their own food growing capacity, supporting residents to continue gardening if age/disability is a barrier.

Community Grants 

Small Community Grants of up to £5,000 and Large Community Grants over £5,000 available to Community Projects which benefit residents of the Carron Valley & District Area.

Children & Young Peoples Grant

Annual grants of up to £400 available to Carron Valley & District Area Residents aged 0-26 to support education, skills development or meeting the challenges of rural living.

Household Grant Scheme

This scheme has now closed.

Please see the new Energy Efficiency, E-bike and the Get the valley growing grant schemes.