E Bike Grant Scheme

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The popularity of pedal assisted electric bikes or e-bikes for short, has been growing year on year. They are a good alternative to a normal bike especially if your route includes hills, is more than five miles long or if you need an extra boost on the road.  

If residents are thinking about investing in an E-Bike we would recommend visiting the Energy Savings Trust for up-to-date funding information. Our grant scheme is in addition to any funding that can be obtained from the Energy Savings Trust.

VRG will assist by offering grants of up to £500 for the purchase of an E-Bike or the conversion of a bike to an E-Bike. We hope to encourage residents to reduce their carbon footprint and get fitter by investing in an E-Bike to get around on. We know plenty do already and here are some quotes from them.

“Converting my existing bike to an e-bike was a very cost-effective way of getting the benefits of an e-bike while keeping a good bike in use. An e-bike, new or an adaption, is a good move: it keeps me active and for shorter journeys saves car use.”

“I just love my E-Bike as it allows me to keep cycling as I get older and I can manage the hills to get home!”




Eligibility criteria. Applications must:

Be from a permanent resident living in the Carron Valley Community Council area

Be signed by someone 16 years of age or over

Deliver against VRG’s Objectives.

The ebike and battery must conform to British standards – see link below:


Also see E-bikes: What is the law and is there an age limit?

Please be aware some batteries and chargers for sale online do not comply – see https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2023/may/28/e-bike-chargers-fire-risk-found-on-ebay-amazon-and-wishcom?CMP=share_btn_link

The procedure for making a grant application is as follows:

Read these guidelines in full

Obtain a quote or price for work or items

Complete the application form and send it to the VRG Admin Officer with the quotes

The Administrator, in association with the Grants Sub-committee will review applications as and when they are submitted and distributed, with a response typically provided to the applicant within four to six weeks for individual and community grants. This timeline is for guidance since the VRG is run by unpaid volunteers who give their time voluntarily to the group.

In making grants the Administrator and Sub-Committee will be guided by how well the project will address the VRG Objectives. The Board reserves the right to decline to support an application which they consider does not address these or is ineligible. Applicants refused a grant will be entitled to receive an explanation for the decision and the Board’s decision will be final. The guidelines specify the upper limit of any award to be made. Should you not be happy with any part of the process please inform us as soon as possible in writing to Secretary.

For approved grants, VRG will ear-mark the grant sum for 12 months for the applicant to complete the project or purchase. On production of valid receipt(s) the grant will be paid out. If a receipt is not provided within 12 months the earmarking will cease.

VRG Grant Conditions 

Any award made will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Except in exceptional circumstances no work or purchase for which a grant is sought should take place until notification of an award has been made in writing. A retrospective application may be considered provided the purchase has been within the period of the preceding 3 months and the applicant accepts the risk that the application may not be successful. Such an application must explain the reason for the purchase being retrospective.
  • Awards will only be made to permanent residents operating within the Carron Valley Community Council area.
  • Valley Renewables shall be entitled to reclaim any funds that it considers to have been used inappropriately, or where spend is not evidenced.



You can download an application form here: