Warm Up, Costs Down Grant


Grant funding of up to £150 can be applied for to support the purchase of a “bundle of items” to keep people warm at home or help reduce energy costs during the winter. Please note the new maximum amount.

What can be funded:

We have made suggestions as to the type of items we are looking to fund, See guidance for more details.

Who is eligible:

We welcome applications from permanent residents of the Carron Valley and District Area who are over 16 years of age. Each household in the region is eligible up to £150 in any given funding cycle.  Full eligibility criteria can be found in the Guidance Notes

How do I apply:

The application process is easy. Read the Guidance Notes in full. Gather a quote/costing for your proposed bundle. This can simply be a copy of items in a catalogue. Complete and submit the Application Form. If successful, funds are paid to applicants when your application is approved. Receipts will be required after you have completed your project.

The Grants Sub-Group, supported by the VRG Administrator, will assess each application anonymously. We aim to respond within 4-6 weeks of receipt of a completed application.

If you require any support with your application or would like to discuss a possible application, please contact admin@valleyrenewables.co.uk.




Warm Up, Costs Down is a response to the current cost of living crisis. 

We are looking to fund a “bundle of items” up to the cost of £150 which support residents to keep themselves warm at home or reduce energy costs. Please note the new maximum amount. This is different to our Household Energy Efficiency grant which is designed for making alterations to the home to ensure the home is energy efficient.

Suggested items may include the following but we are happy to consider other items as long as they fit into the themes of heating the person or reducing energy costs.

Rechargeable electric hand warmers

Wearable blankets


Disposable heated insoles

Heated gilet

Microwaveable wheat bag

Hot water bottle

Electric heat pad

Electric foot warmer

Electric blanket

Weighted blankets

Thermal t-shirts/Socks/Leggings

Slow Cooker


Heated Clothes Dryer

Air Fryer

Single Cup Kettle

Eligibility criteria. Applications must:

  • Be from a permanent resident living in the Carron Valley Community Council area
  • Be signed by someone 16 years of age or over
  • Deliver against the grant’s objectives.

The procedure for making a grant application is as follows:

  • Read these guidelines in full
  • Obtain a quote or price for items
  • Complete the application form and send it to the VRG Admin Officer admin@valleyrenewables.co.uk with the quotes.

The Administrator, in association with the Grants Sub-committee will review applications as and when they are submitted and distributed, with a response typically provided to the applicant within four to six weeks . This timeline is for guidance since the VRG is run by unpaid volunteers who give their time voluntarily to the group.

In making grants the Administrator and Sub-Committee will be guided by how well the project will address the grant fund objectives. The Board reserves the right to decline to support an application which they consider does not address these or is ineligible. Applicants refused a grant will be entitled to receive an explanation for the decision and the Board’s decision will be final. The guidelines specify the upper limit of any award to be made. Should you not be happy with any part of the process please inform us as soon as possible in writing to Secretary.

For approved grants, VRG will pay the applicant once the grant has been approved and estimates/quotes submitted. The applicant must submit all receipts after their project is completed. This is to allow VRG to meet the requirements of the charity regulator. Failure to submit receipts would mean that this household would not be able to apply for any further grant funding from VRG.

VRG Grant Conditions 

Any award made will be subject to the following conditions:

  • Except in exceptional circumstances no work or purchase for which a grant is sought should take place until notification of an award has been made in writing. Once grant is approved by VRG payment will be sent to applicant.
  • All receipts must be submitted to VRG upon completion of the project.
  • Awards will only be made to permanent residents operating within the Carron Valley Community Council area.
  • Valley Renewables shall be entitled to reclaim any funds that it considers to have been used inappropriately, or where spend is not evidenced.



Warm up costs down grant

Application for warm up costs down grant

Warm up, costs down grant application form

This form is for applications to VRG's Warm up, costs down scheme
I confirm that this is my primary residence. (If not please give details in the additional information section.)(Required)
7. Would VRG Funding cover the full cost of the proposal?(Required)
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Accepted file types: pdf, jpg, png, Max. file size: 512 MB.

    You can download an application form here: Warm-up-Costs-Down-Grant-Application-Form-October-2023.docx