This is an extract from the Memorandum and Articles of Association of Valley Renewables Group which will give you a good idea of what our Group was set up to do. The whole document is available from the previous link:

(a) To advance environmental protection witihn the Carron Valley, as defined by the Carron Valley and District Community Council boundanes, and the surrounding area (the “Operating Area”) by promoting the adoption of measures to encourage the more efficient use of the world’s resources, and in particular more efficient use of non renewable energy sources so as (I) to minimise the proliferation of mines, wells and other extraction facilities which degrade the natural environment and (11) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thus avoid the damage to the natural environment caused by global warming.

(b) To advance citizenship and/or community development (including the promotion of civic responsibility and the promotion of the voluntary sector and/or the effectiveness or efficiency of charities).

(c) To advance education in the fields of renewable energy, energy conservation and similar areas.

(d) To encourage, stimulate and support volunteering principally in the Operating Area

(e) To provide recreational facilities particularly within the Operating Area, and organise recreational activities particularly wthin the Operating Area, with such facilities/activities being available to members of the public at large with the object of improving their conditions of life

(f) To promote, establish, operate and/or support other similar schemes and projects which further charitable purposes within the Operating Area

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