Other support during Covid 19 pandemic


Wednesday 1 April 2020

Volunteer Support  There is a network of 20 volunteers in place across the community. A big thank you to every one of you who came forward. This network should be able to reach every household. Volunteers could well have made contact with you, most likely by a note through your letterbox telling you how you can get in touch. If you haven’t been contacted and don’t know who your local volunteer is, phone one of our central lines and we’ll advise.











Additional Support

Coaching – Morag Shaw. This free service is available to anyone who feels a friendly voice and impartial reflection could makes things a little bit better. This help is available for any member of the family. Contact details below.




Virtual meeting/party/playroom audio bridge Or audio conference bridge to techies. This gives a number of people the opportunity to get together as a group using their phones.  Home isolation means physical contact with family and friends is no longer possible, this facility means you can still keep in touch as a group. Details on how to access this service here Audio bridge details Available evenings and all week-ends, booking contact details below.






Local Community Suppliers A good resource must be local small businesses who  have provisions ready and available for the surrounding community. Foot o’Green Farm has a good supply of free-range eggs plus much else besides. 24/7 availability means insomniacs can safely visit at any time. Payment by honesty box (with cctv.) We have also been told Falleninch Farm Butchers (www.fallenichfarm.co.uk), who operate an online order and delivery service, are open to new customers.

Collaborative Response We have registered with Stirling Council’s central community coronavirus response unit and advised them of the support structure we have set up.


Flat battery?





Any Other Support?  We are providing the services we feel are essential and/or possible within our means. Is there anything you would like to see added? If you have, send us suggestions and we’ll see, within our capabilities and resources, if we can help.

Keep safe, keep well and keep in touch!











VRG Directors and Community Councillors

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