The Carron Valley Growers Association (CVGA) is a permaculture garden and community growing hub in the Muirlands area of the Carron Valley and District.

A group of five local households have been working on the privately owned land which hosts the CVGA garden since 2020. In 2021 the group received a VRG Community Grant to expand their work.

The project aims to provide food, leisure activity and to host community gatherings, it’s underlying mission is to unite the community and create an area encouraging biodiversity and ethical growing practices.

Permaculture is a sustainable, self-sufficient approach to agriculture. It draws its approach based on an understanding of nature, treading lightly on the planet, nature and people in harmony.

Within the CVGA garden there is a polly tunnel with raised beds for vegetables and a rain water harvesting irrigation system with a pump powered by solar panels, free range hens, compost bays and 17 fruit trees.

Household compost is used to create the garden beds and rainwater collected for irrigation. Households involved in the project gain fresh, local, organic produce, reducing their carbon footprints, as well as the physical, health and social benefits of community gardening. Fruit, vegetables and eggs will also be available to others within the community.  

The project is proposed initially for five years, with future plans including hosting bee-hives, further regeneration of plant life and a wetland habitat. As the project progresses it will host events for the local community, from social gatherings, to training in permaculture skills and learning experiences for local children.

New members are very welcome, if you’d like to get involved in the CVGA or find out more about their work get in touch with the group using the Contact Us button.