The Community Defibrillators project places potentially life-saving Public Access Defibrillators across the Carron Valley and District Region.

A partnership project between the Carron Valley and District Community Council and VRG the defibrillators have been funded by a VRG Community Grant with the hope that, if needed, they will provide life-saving assistance for our rural community.

The project is supported by Lucky 2B Here, a Scottish Charity providing defibrillators and emergency life support training throughout Scotland.

In August 2021 two Public Access Defibrillators, provided by Lucky 2B Here, were be placed in the community, with residents kindly volunteering to host, and to carry out weekly maintenance checks of the devices.

The locations of the first two Defibrillators are:

As well as supplying the defibrillators Lucky 2B Here also carryed out familiarisation sessions for the hosts and plan to run more training sessions open to all in the community over the coming months, via zoom, details of the session will be posted on the Updates and Events page when available, as well as on social media.

It is hoped that further public access defibrillators will be placed at suitable locations across the community in the future, with the aim to increase the availability of this life saving equipment to residents and visitors. Locations must have access to electricity, able to be regularly checked and in a suitable location for use in an emergency situation. If you’d like to discuss hosting a Public Access Defibrillator please get in touch via the Contact Us button.