VRG are happy to facilitate sharing and bulk buying across the community, providing financial benefit to residents and reducing the environmental footprint of the community. 

Stirling Tool Library

Many residents enjoy membership of the local Stirling Tool Library managed by Transition Stirling. The library offers members the opportunity to borrow over 300 items; from sewing machines and drills, & saws to mechanical tools, gardening tools and cooking equipment, their full catalogue can be browsed online and they are continually adding and updating the library. Borrowing infrequently used items can provide real financial savings to households.

Carron Valley Connections

The Carron Valley Connections Facebook Group is a dedicated communications resource for residents of the Carron Valley and District Area. Along with relevant local information residents are encouraged by administrators to share and seek items for use across the community. From distributing a glut of courgettes to borrowing a ladder, all sorted can be found and shared within the community.

Bulk Buying Oil

In the summer of 2012, VRG organised the bulk buying of central heating oil for participating residents of the Carron Valley & District area. By enabling everybody to order together, we were able to secure significant savings on the standard retail price of oil. Orders can be placed twice per year, in the Autumn and Spring, to coincide with the peak demand times for oil.

There is an opportunity to expand this scheme to also cover wood, coal and bulk LPG if it is of interest to the community.

Get Involved

If you have an idea for a community sharing initiative which you would like to support happen across the district, or you’d like to be part of the team driving forward current sharing initiatives, please contact us, we’d be delighted to hear from you.


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