Community Wide Consultation 

On 9th September 2021 a Consultation mailing was sent to all households within VRG’s mailing list.  The results are now in and can be viewed here:

Consultation results

There were 85 respondents to the consultation with 81% (69) in favour of proceeding with the meeting room project and 19% (16) against. 

Next steps as per chart below.

Additional information on the project can be found following the links below:

Further Information

If you have any questions or would like further information please get in touch with Helen Bang, Admin Assistant.


Consultation: Managed by Libi Newell

Community Meeting Room Subgroup: Rob Ferguson; Dorothy Breckenridge; Alastair McPhee; Amanda Smith; Dugald Macalpine. 


  Consultation Results

Community Meeting Room Project Summary

  Questions & Answers Sheet

 Community Meeting Room Draft Business Plan

 Community Meeting Room Draft Business Plan Appendices (zip file)

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