There are many more exciting ideas across the Carron Valley & District Region for new, innovative projects which provide wonderful opportunities to enhance connectivity across the community, reduce environmental impacts and improve rural living for  residents. 

Some ideas currently being looked at include:

  • Carron Valley Dark Sky Club – beginners and experts enjoying, exploring, and preserving the stunning Carron Valley night sky. 
  • Community First Aid Training – Accredited emergency first aid training sessions organised for residents.
  • Community Map – Our new Carron Valley & District Community Map has a lot of potential yet to be reach. It could be filled with even more places of interest, local walks, and businesses.

These project ideas need eager, willing and passionate residents to drive them forward from idea to reality.  VRG’s Project Development Officer is here to support projects along each step of development, but community projects need to be led by community champions.

If you’d like to support one of these projects to get of the ground or if you have another idea idea of your own we’d love to hear from you.  

Contact us with your ideas