Valley Renewables Group (VRG) is the Development Trust of the Carron Valley and District Area, a rural region nestled south west of Stirling in the central belt of Scotland. We are a community owned and managed organisation, a registered Charity and a member of the Development Trust Association of Scotland. We are proud to support residents of the Carron Valley and District Area.

VRG was created in 2008 to maximise the Community Benefit arising from wind farm developments in the region and ensure money received is spent wisely on behalf of the whole community, for now and for the future.

We are actively working to become a more sustainable, self-sufficient and connected community. VRG support this through the development of community projects, actively engaging in partnerships of benefit to the area, providing a range of grant opportunities for residents and long term financial management of community benefit funding for future generations. All our activities aim to further our vision and objectives.


‘For everyone in our community to experience an improving quality of rural living. For this to be delivered through community-wide and individual projects, supported by community benefit income, and distributed through a fair and transparent process’


VRG has four Strategic Objectives directly related to the identified challenges and opportunities for our community. VRG activities adhere to these four Objectives:

  • Distribute VRG funds throughout the whole community with the aim of helping to support rural living, by using community benefit income to assist community-wide and individual projects.
  • Engage and communicate across the whole community, bringing people together by delivering more events and activities, potentially supported by paid organisers.
  • Deliver good governance to provide a long-term financial legacy for future generations in our community.
  • Support viable and sustainable larger projects that address the identified community challenges and opportunities, through a documented and informed decision making process, and as funds allow.

What Does VRG Do?

VRG is a Development Trust. We support the local community in a number of ways.

All of our work is informed by our three year Strategy, designed to deliver our Vision and Objectives and led by the needs, priorities and interest of the residents of the Carron Valley & District area.

Please note that VRG  neither supports nor opposes any new wind farms within the area, that is a matter for the Carron Valley & District Community Council and individual residents. Our remit is purely to ensure that if new wind farms are given approval, we maximise the benefit to our community.

You can find out more about how VRG, along with details of our finances, current and previous Strategy documents in the links below.

Directors & Staff

VRG is managed by a team of dedicated volunteer Directors, all residents of the area. Our Directors volunteer their time to support their community through VRGs activities. Directors attend monthly Board meetings and sit on a range of subgroups tasked with action in specific areas including: Governance & Compliance; Grants; Investment; Project Development; Communications and Annual Open Day.


Nicolas Sinclair
Chair / Trustee / Director

Rob Ferguson
Treasurer / Trustee / Director

Christine Puckering
Trustee / Director

Carol Brown Director

Carol Brown
Trustee / Director

Iain MacFarlane
Trustee / Director

Sara Smith
Trustee / Director

Barbara Wilson
Secretary /Trustee / Director


Jenny Holdsworth
Apprentice Director


We also have a member of staff who supports VRG’s activities on a freelance basis:

Helen Bang Admin Assistant

Helen Bang

Partners & Funders

We are grateful to the following partners and funders who support the work of VRG:

Get Involved

We’ve been privileged over the years to have had many members the community take an active role in the VRG either as a Director or a community member of one of our Sub Groups. It’s the dedication, ideas and inspiration of our residents that give VRG its value to the community, it is a community led and managed organisation.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming involved with VRG, as a community member of a Sub Group, or as a Trustee/Director we’d be delighted to hear from you. 

VRG is a membership organisation, open to all residents of the region over the age of 16. Membership is encouraged and entitles you to attend our Annual General Meetings, vote in any elections for the Board of Directors and (if eligible)  stand for election to the Board. Over a third of residents are currently members having an active say in the operations of their community development trust. You can become a member by completing and submitting the form below.