The Pomona Fruit Tree Project is a community orchard which is funded through a Community Grant provided by VRG. Fruit trees have been planted in gardens across the Carron Valley and District community, events bring their owners together throughout the year.

The idea of a disseminated community orchard was started by local resident, David Sparkes, with the aims of increasing access to good home-grown fruit in the Carron Valley area, increasing investment in the environment and bringing together our scattered community. Rather than one site, where someone had to take responsibility to maintain it, the idea was conceived that there could many gardens hosting fruit trees across the community, who share events such as training and an “apple pressing day” in the autumn.

The Pomona (named after the Roman godness of fruit trees gardens and orchards), was established in 2020 with funding from VRG. Fruit trees and bushes were ordered from Andrew Lear, Apple Tree Man and training day was held in early March 2020 with 27 resident attending. During the training day  Andrew shared his knowledge of apple trees and their culture, as well as demonstrating how to prune trees.

The project started with the supply of fruit, trees, plants and bushes to six local families. It has already grown, with 11 households now hosting Pomona fruit in 2021, and more are encouraged to join in. Supplied fruit includes apple and plum trees, damson and raspberry bushes and strawberry plants.

Annual Apple Days will take place, which will be an opportunity for Pomona households to get together share and enjoy fruit and apple based foods and recipes, as well as some fun activities. The Apple Press from the Stirling Tool Shed will also be available on the day to juice the harvest from the season. Apple Days will take place each October, visit the event’s page for details of any upcoming Pomona Apple Tree Project events.

Pomona Day 2022


Susan McPhee &  Christine Logan



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