In 2018 the community took ownership of 52 acres (21 hectares) of woodland to the east of the Carron Valley Reservoir: the Carron Valley Community Woodland. Since then, with the support of expert professionals, we have developed an ecologically responsible community asset benefiting nature, residents, and visitors alike. More than 9,000 native trees have been planted, new paths created, volunteer activities, social events, and biodiversity and conservation projects taking place. The native hardwoods, will also provide future generations with a valuable supply of high-quality firewood coppice.

The woodland was purchased through the work and support of Valley Renewables Group and the Carron Valley & District Community council, funding from the Scottish Land Fund, and local windfarm owner Falck Renewables, and countless volunteer hours from passionate, determined members of the local community.

It aims to provide immediate and long-term benefits, for both nature and people. Management of the woodland has five main aims:

  • Improve the biodiversity of the woodlands.
  • Diversify and restructure the woodland to suit the site.
  • Create a sustainable wood fuel resource/reserve for the local community.
  • Promote community and wider public access to the woodlands.
  • Promote community involvement in the site and project.

 A 10-year management plan, approved by Scottish Forestry is currently underway, with the creation of new habitat, such as the pond, and sensitive restoration of native species. The management of the site is designed to enable tasks which volunteers from the community can undertake bringing people together. The woodland is a long-term, legacy, project for both present and the future residents and visitors to the region. Looking to the future a Community Hub meeting space is being explored.

Activities at Woodland:

  • Community Christmas Trees: During the managed clearing of non-native trees an area of Norway Spruce was set aside for Community Christmas Trees. Trees are tagged for local households, pruned to shape during the summer and felled for Christmas, each tree is replaced after felling. If you would like to register for a Community Christmas Tree please use the Contact Us button.
  • Wood Fuel Days: Regular Wood Fuel Days take place throughout the year, providing sustainable wood fuel to residents of the Carron Valley and District Region. Details will be posted in the Event’s page and on the Carron Valley Community Woodland Facebook Group.
  • Monthly Work Days: Community volunteers are invited to take part in monthly workdays. Tasks can include tree and weed control, pruning, seeding, and re-planting. Details of future will be posted in the Event’s page and on the Carron Valley Community Woodland Facebook Group.

Join the Carron Valley Community Woodland Group:

The Carron Valley Community Woodland Group is a dedicated team of volunteers, all residents in the Carron Valley and District Region. Supported by Peter Mitchell, Forestry Manager at Fountain Forestry.

We warmly welcome new members of the community who would like to join us and help this great community assist to achieve its potential. We are currently specifically keen for new members with an interest in developing engagement activities in the woodlands.

If you would like to find out more about the woodland or joining the group please get in touch using the Contact Us button.

Community Woodlands AssociationCarron Valley Community Woodland is a member of the national Community Woodland Association


Dorothy Breckenridge, Rob Ferguson, Kirstin MacKay, Adam Brooker, Susan McPhee, Christine Puckering, Barbara Wilson, Dugald McAlpine, Isaac Tabner, Margaret Porter, Jean & Brian Young, Carol Walker.

 Supported by Peter Mitchell, Fountains Forestry


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