Carron Valley Forest

Managed by Forestry and Land Scotland the Carron Valley Forest is equally perfect for a relaxed family stroll or some adrenaline filled mountain biking. Facilities at the forest include parking (charged), toilets and a picnic area. On weekends the Bunny Coffee Hatch can often be found for homemade refreshments.

For full information on walking and mountain bike routes as well as further information on activities please visit Forestry and Land Scotland’s website or download their Carron Valley Trails leaflet.


Todholes is a small carpark at the western end of the Carron Valley reservoir. Owned and managed by Forestry and Land Scotland the carpark is a popular starting point for the hill track up to Meikle Bin. You can also park here to enjoy a walk through the woods to sir Jon de Graham’s Castle. 

For further information including trail route please visit Forestry and Land Scotland’s website, or download their Carron Valley Trails leaflet

Carron Valley Community Woodland

A beautiful setting for a relaxing walk, a spot of pond dipping, some forest bathing or  exploring adventures the Carron Valley Community Woodland hosts a variety of scenes and habits to be discovered. An accessible path leads to the newly created pond and its pond dipping platform. A trail leads away from the pond to take you on a short (~1km) loop around the newly planted woodland, with three benches perfectly placed along the route to enjoy a rest and the beautiful views. In the mature woodland you’ll discover green paths allowing you to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the woods.

Parking (charged) and toilets can be found at the neighbouring Forestry and Land Scotland’s Carron Valley Forest Car Park. A notice board on the Woodland Cabin provides a map of the area and up to date information on activities. 

For more information visit the Carron Valley Community Woodlands project page

Meikle Bin

Providing stunning views across the Carron Valley and District region and north toward the highlands Meikle Bin is a focal point in the area. Located in neighbouring Lanarkshire the walk to Meikle Bin often starts at Forestry and Land Scotland’s Todholes Car Park. Popular with families the walk is described as a ‘good challenge for little legs’. Climbing around 400m the walk covers 10k and can be expected to take between 2-3 hours, there and back. For a full description of the walk please visit Walk Highlands. Always ensure you are adequately prepared and take all necessary safety precautions when hill walking in Scotland.

North Third Reservoir

The North Third Reservoir is found in the North East of the Carron Valley and District region. With an array of wildlife, including nesting geese and fishing ospreys the reservoir is a lovely place to visit for a stroll or a hike, or to simply enjoy a waterside picnic. 

Walk Highlands provide details of a circular route around reservoir. Visitors park in laybys near by, please park with care and consideration for others.

A functioning reservoir, owned and managed by Scottish Water visitors are encouraged to look at Scottish Water’s  Respect our Reservoirs campaign and to enjoy the reservoir safely and responsibly. There are no bins available at the reservoir so please ensure you take any litter home with you. 

Friends of North Third are a group of volunteers who care for the reservoir. Visit their project page to find out more and get involved. 

Carron Valley Reservoir

The Carron Valley Reservoir was opened in 1939, it currently supplies drinking water to ~135,000 households, and many key businesses within the Forth Valley and surrounding areas.

Enjoyed by locals and visitors alike the reservoir provides walks and beautiful views as well as activities including fishing. 

Forestry and Land Scotland own the land to the south shore of the reservoir and their Carron Valley Trail’s leaflet provides information on the ‘Loch Shore Trail’. The reservoir itself is owned and operated by Scottish Water, further information their website, and members permits for bank and boat fishing are be available from Carron Valley Fishery

Visitors to the reservoir are encouraged to look at Scottish Water’s  Respect our Reservoirs campaign and to enjoy the reservoir safely and responsibly.