In 2019 Valley Renewables Group set up a project to encourage residents to reduce their carbon impact and increase their own healthy via the use of e-bike.

Residents of the Carron Valley and District region were invited to apply for up to £1,000 in funding to help towards the cost of an e-bike, or the cost of converting their current bike. 

The project was awarded a Falck Renewables’ Community Award in 2019 and through the award received £6,000 in additional funding

Richard Dibley, managing director of Falck Renewables Wind, said: “Our partnerships with the local communities around our wind farms are invaluable and at our annual awards dinner we celebrate the incredible variety of projects which are making a real difference to their areas.  We were very impressed by the Valley Renewables Group’s commitment to reducing the community’s carbon footprint as well as improving the health of residents and we hope this award will inspire many new e-bike users.”

The e-Bike project came to a close in early 2021. A further report is being developed to share the stories of those who benefited from this project and the positive impact owning an e-bike has had on their health and wellbeing. This page will be updated with that report in due course.

Residents of the Carron Valley and District can use the new e-bike grant to contribute to the cost of an e-bike, or e-bike conversation, and Additional funding may at times be available from the Energy Saving Trust Energy Saving Trust





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