Falck Student Support Scheme

Falck has launched the fourth year of its Student Support Scheme to  encourage young people to consider studying a course related to renewable energy.

Further information available here https://community.falckrenewables.eu/initiatives-2021/

Are you a student considering a career in the renewable energy sector or a business looking to upskill/reskill your workforce in sustainable energy?

Apply to the ‘Falck Renewables Support Scheme for Sustainable Energy Studies 2021’

At Falck Renewables partnerships with the communities around our wind farms are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in nurturing talent and we are committed to supporting young people develop professional skills related to the renewable energy sector. We are particularly interested in supporting those students or technicians working towards a qualification in energy and renewables.

Our support scheme provides funding to help young people ac-cess training opportunities which will develop them into the professionals we could work with in the future.


Apply to the ‘Falck Renewables Support Scheme for Sustainable Energy Studies 2021’ by completing the:


For more information:
VISIT: www.community.falckrenewables.eu
OR CONTACT: Erin Murchie, Community Relations Manager UK, erin.murchie@falckrenewables.com Tel. 0784 1423007

Download pdf leaflet


– Applicants must be 16 or over at the start of the course.
– Eligible applicants are those individuals living in Falck Renewables wind farm community areas.
– Applicants must be studying a qualification that would help them gain professional skills they can use in the renewable energy sector.
– All applicants must complete the online application form, including details of a referee who is willing to support the application.
– The annual fund of £ 6000 will be shared between the successful applicants.
– Support will be paid for one year for an HNC or equivalent.
– Falck Renewables may decide to provide a portion of the support applied for.
– Falck Renewables will cover expenses which assist the candidates to complete their course. Eligible expenses include travel/commuting costs, training materials (books, soft-ware), internet connection and equipment.
– The successful applicant must provide receipts or evidence of all their expenditure.
– Evidence that the applicant is registered and attending the course will be required before any money is paid.
– Applicants may be asked to repay funds if they fail to complete the course.
– Applications will be considered by a Falck Renewables committee made up of Richard Dibley, Man-aging Director of Falck Renewables Wind Ltd, Jamie Steel, Asset Manager UK, Alessandro Costa, Head of Sustainability, and Erin Murchie, Community Relations Manager UK.

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