New Venture Fund launched

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Jul 052021

The New Venture Fund Pilot was launched in July 2021. It aims to advance self-sufficiency and resilience to a changing society and environment, and to encourage enterprise within the Carron Valley and District Region. The fund is currently in an 18 month Pilot to establish its value to the community.


The New Venture Fund is designed to:

  • Increase resilience for individuals, households, and the community by reducing reliance on goods and services from out with the region.
  • Support entrepreneurship in the region by providing small scale seed funding together with advice on financial and business skills and confidence, specifically dealing with funders, providing repayments and developing simple business plans.

The fund will usually build on a successful VRG’s Household Small Grant application which will have supported resilience and self-sufficiency.


 It can provide up to £1,000[1] as a 50% grant and a 50% repayable interest free loan, to new entrepreneurial ventures operated by residents of the Carron Valley & District Region which have a focus on sustainability: enhancing economic resilience, increasing wellbeing and reducing environmental impact.


Match funding, which can include in-kind support, is required from applicants and technical support and guidance for the venture can be provided by VRG’s Project Development Officer.

[1] The proportion of the total funding received by applications will be split evenly between grant and repayable loan. i.e. if a successful applicant requires a total of £400 towards their new venture they would receive a £200 grant and a £200 repayable loan.

For more information please see New Venture Fund Guidance

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Red Squirrel Project – Community talk Sunday 13 June 4pm

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Jun 012021

Community Talk for Carron Valley Community Red Squirrel Project






The Carron Valley Red Squirrel Project are delighted to invite residents to a Virtual Community Talk on Sunday 13th June at 4pm.

The talk, held via Zoom, will introduce the new Carron Valley Red Squirrel Project and how residents can get involved. We’re thrilled to also have Mary-Anne Collins from Savings Scotland Red Squirrels join us as a Guest Speaker. Mary-Anne will discuss Red Squirrel conservation across Scotland and provide us all with hints and tips on how to spot the signs of squirrels in our gardens and while we’re out and about.

The Carron Valley Red Squirrel project, funded via a VRG Community Grant, will see a focused survey of red and grey squirrels take place out across the Carron Valley and District Region this autumn. Feeders will be placed within resident’s gardens and the Carron Valley Community Woodland. The survey will pull together data from visual surveys, hair traps on feeders and trail cameras to give an understanding of the squirrel population in this important central belt area.

Residents are currently being asked to record all sightings in the region of both red and grey squirrels via www.scottishsquirrels.org.uk . This information will be used to identify areas where feeders can be most effectively placed for the autumn surveys. If you have red or grey squirrels in your garden or local area please do record any sightings, you may then be asked to host a feeder and take part in the Autumn surveys. We’re also looking for volunteers to carry out surveys in the woodlands and help with analysis of the hair traps.

If you’d like to join the Carron Valley Red Squirrel Project talk at 4pm on Sunday 13th June please email Libi via projectofficer@valleyrenewables.co.uk for the Zoom meeting link and joining instructions. We look forward to seeing you there.

You can keep up to date with the Carron Valley Red Squirrel project via www.facebook.com/valleyrenewablesgroup and www.valleyrewnewables.co.uk. If you’d like to volunteer to take part in surveys please contact Libi via projectofficer@valleyrenewables.co.uk .

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Broadband access for home schooling

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Jan 202021

Free Broadband access

We have just been informed by Stirling Council that the following link is available for schools and pupils home-schooling:


Please contact your school if they are not aware of this.

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Learn and play – community grant for children

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Jan 122021

Learn and Play – community grant for children

Once again our children and their families are under Covid -19 restrictions and school-age children are in on-line learning, while playgroups and parent and toddler groups are unable to open.

If you have school age children and would like some help towards online learning, eg an extra tablet or laptop, a data top-up or other resources, please send in a Young Person’s Grant application. Available here: https://www.valleyrenewables.co.uk/young-peoples-grant/

We may be able to help with a grant or some other assistance.

Not to forget the pre-school children! Please let us know the age of your children under five and we will deliver a specially selected box of toys, activities and books appropriate to their age and development. Just send in an application form requesting an under fives’ box.

NB picture just for illustration

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December newsletter now online

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Dec 082020

The latest newsletter is available here December 2020 newsletter.

If you would like a free Christmas tree from the Community Woodland, please see the newsletter.

The newsletter will be mailed to residents shortly.


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Household Grant Scheme Update December 2020

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Dec 042020


We are delighted to report a substantial increase in grants awarded by the scheme in the last year and that several households have accessed grants for the first time in that period.

To ensure the scheme can support more participation, particularly from those residents who have not benefitted previously, we are amending the criteria to allow two grants per household within 12 calendar months.

These changes are effective from December 1st 2020, this December is included with the 2021 calendar year. Applications pending consideration and those received by December 1st 2020 are not affected.

Below are examples of the most popular funded projects.

VRG Top Grant Funded Projects

For further information please see the guidelines VRG HOUSEHOLD GRANT SCHEME GUIDELINES



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